Doge Army NFTs

The official first NFT collection of the ShibaDoge community and ecosystem


A series of 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs, representing highly trained and specialized combat veterans who are working together on the frontlines to one day see cryptocurrency become the official currency of earth. Their mission is simple: Remove all borders and destroy government controlled monopolies.
The Doge Army NFT project is a revolutionary project that is more than just a randomly generated JPG. HODLERS of our project will be able to stake their NFTs to receive additional $SHIBDOGE tokens, which are publicly available on the ERC network. Additional utility is being developed at this time.

Classes and Rarity

The official classes of the Doge Army are:
  • Privates (8,340 soldiers)
  • Sergeants (1,000 soldiers)
  • Captains (500 soldiers)
  • Generals (150 soldiers)
  • 1 of 1's (10 soldiers)
The official rarities of the Doge Army are:
  • Mouth: 12 variations
  • Fur: 16 variations
  • Head Gear: 15 variations
  • Outfits: 26 variations
  • Eyes: 15 variations
  • Backgrounds: 27 variations
  • Weapons: 18 variations